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Related article: Date: Thursday, March 31, 2005 16 01. 54 -0500 From: two40puddin opto line. net Subject: A brother 's life Anne240 spent the hottest day of summer in my group feel with my girlfriend Stacey. We spent the afternoon working on our tan and talk about it s nothing special. At some point I had pulled the curtains on the windows of an ad was slightly reduced. " Stace Do not look now, but I think my brother is watching you. " raised his eyebrows slightly and looked out the window. " Oh, my God, what about him? He is not only fun, but it's a total pervert ! " " Hey, that's my brother He is not a pervert, and it is so fun! " " Oh, please, Ana, who is crazy. do not think I ever said more than two words to me or others. the child is not talking. has just been closed to of your room. God only knows what he's doing. " " is merely shy. And the fact that your check out the window is not evil. I mean, boobs almost fall n top and that is notdo something that every other guy would do if they had a chance to. " " That is true. I mean, what this man does not want to see it! " He laughed two. N " Now that he did everything possible to spy on him, you can something to do. " slowly pulled his shirt and threw it down. Her tits were pride in his chest. I must admit that even Stacey has a large frame, , and she knows it. \\ \\ n " Stace Jesus kept these things. Someone could get hurt. Come on, " " Oh, Anne, what 's the problem? I really do not want tan lines anyway n and also, if your brother was sitting in the window shut and she it might be something to see... " " Uuuugh he is my brother. " " Yeah, well, as you said, it is still a man! " Stacey spent the next few minutes trying to be set to flattering position. Probably not admit it, but liked the fact that my brother was checking out the window, not n no matter how fun it was. Staceyalways been the kind of girl that all the required n drew attention to them, and usually would ensure that no s matter what. " This is really your brother? " N " What do you mean ? " " I mean, I thought he was gay or something, " shined eyes to the window and then back to me. "But I think" n "What the hell is wrong with you Why do you think he's gay " " Well, think about it. He never speaks to a girl, or show any interest. " " well, that makes him gay? not true for children to speak well. And if you have n oticed, clearly shows some interest now. " n " Well, I do not know. until now, never thought he knew women there. Have you ever, even ahead ? " "What are you asking me ? How hell should I know ? " " Well, he's your brother you would think that you should know ! " " Well, I do not know. do not talk about these things. It I know it is n probably still a virgin. " " Actually, that's a shame. What do you want to talk? "n " do not know, in the northIng really. " " Well, you're her older sister, I think you should go ask him. " " I'm not going to ask. I do not really care. If you want to know, so bad going to ask him. " " I think I will. " sprung from his seat and ran to my house. " Stace Wait, no! Leave him alone! "N You ignored me and made me enter the house. It is true that I was not so close to my brother. I think it was probably difficult to for him to grow in a house full of women. my father was when young, and it's just my mother, my brother and my sister and me. my mother consumed by his work as soon leave my father, and is so really only , the three of us. my sister and I were always close growing up, my brother s was only by his own account. not that I try to talk to him, only never seemed interested in the conversation. never said all, and kept to himself. from time to time would be my sister to speak, but he always seemed to get away from me. She was always better \\ \\ n hearing PEOPI will, but he went to college was only him and me. If it does not close, is still my brother, and the last thing wants, Stacey was a kind of shame. I wanted to get up and go in it, but I thought it best not to make a big scene. I do not want to think about my brother who somehow had nothing to do with the plan Stacey to violate your privacy. enough time had passed and I began to wonder what was happening. I decided to go and see all the time think of Stacey locked out of my brother of the door, press him about his sexuality. I ran inside and up the stairs. I could hear Stacey, and when n ot turned the corner I could not believe what I saw. Stacey was my brother against the wall. It was a hand around the back of the head of his s. Preteen Models Nn She clutched him tightly to her breasts spilling among them. His pants were undone, and Stacey had his cock in the other hand. She was speaking at hellom gently while pumping his big cock. kept that about her belly, her hands quickly ran up and down the length of the I must have been about seven Preteen Models Nn centimeters. I was reminded of just thinking about how I could not believe my brother was hanged as well. I was speechless a few seconds, as they were not aware that I was looking at. " C'mon". Stacey said that when she pulled his cock. Pinched "I know I want to finish. Let s me, what can you do this. " is the eyes and threw back his head. " This is it. Cum to me like you imagined when I was looking at the window to see. Cover me in cum baby. " all of a sudden my brother complained and exploited his cock. I've never seen sperm to a lot in my life. I watched as his cock moved in her hand. Stacey stepped back and moaned as the cost of my brothers cum covered tits she s belly. The first explosion hit his chin still in place. is a minute , I do not think I would never leave. My brother was breathing with difficulty, and Preteen Models Nn Staceystuck his head out to their the shoulder and hugged her tightly together again. I watched as my brothers cum ran between them, drenching the band by Stacey bikini. " Fuck, that was amazing, I never saw his face as seen in my life! You is a monster ! " I was sick of the whole scene. My stomach was in knots I heard Stacey call my brother a monster. "What the hell are you doing? " Looked Stacey to me directly. " Anne" My brother looked like a deer in the headlights. Quickly pulled Stacey away from him and ran to his room and shut the door. " What the hell out of Stace ? " " Nothing. " N "What the hell wants to say anything ? I just saw the whole thing ! " n " so what you ask me ? " " Why the hell did you do that ? " " what is the problem? " "He is my brother! " " so it's a big boy. Nobody forced him to do something. also has a nice cock. " " Uuugh. What the hell we can see that ? " " I was not trying to prove anything. "n " I swear, it's better than not word about anyone. " " Yeah, sure Anne. As you go around telling everyone that played down spinner. " " Fuck you Stace ! You know what, I think you better go. " " Well, I do not see what you have to be so tense. I have a child favor. " " I'm sure he's very grateful that you think he is a monster ! " not say anything. Slowly looked down and covered her breasts his arms, turned and walked away. I heard things and go back out the door. I sat in silence for a minute, go to the scene in my head. I wondered what my ​​brother thought. I started thinking that maybe it was an error. After all, Stacey really nothing terrible. I decided to try to talk to my brother. I knocked on his door, but he did not answer. Finally, let me in he looked at me quickly, and then to the ground. n " Hey. " No reaction. " I uuh. You see, I'm sorry for what happened. It's just... Well Stacey Stacey, who is... "N: "Okay, you need not apologize. " " Well, I feel bad, I mean... " "You seem to forget things? You did nothing. Is What will matter is that at all? " " What does that mean? "n " I mean, why do you give a shit, do I have a sudden? no even talked to me in recent weeks and now you can walk around here and try to be all maternal and shit ? that "okay, just go Anne. " " That's fucked up that you would even say that to me! You know what? N ot told me anything in 19 years, much less in the last two the week. " " Why do I bother ? You could give a fuck what you do. " " This is not true. How did you come here to talk to none other than myself? used to talk all the time Christine about shit, but if I try to talk to you, who knows, you just blew me fucking my friend on you, like me. " " What Anne. You know, if I was interested in anyone but himself, is likely to know the answer to it. But you're so damn car absorbing, don't even bother to open your eyes and see what's happening around you. " I do not know what to say. I could not believe what he said all the shit to me. I tried talking to him, and he always leaves me out, now is is not my fault. n I looked through his black hair hanging in his face. her blue eyes cuts through me. I felt myself begin to mourn, and I wanted to Get the hell from there. "Okay. There is everything to me okay? I'm just a heartless shit, n ot mind anyone but himself! That's why I'm here came true? I I can not believe it! Damn I avoid like the plague, and always. Now it means everything to me, then fine. I'm going. " that turned to leave, and he stood up and grabbed my shoulder. He turned me around and threw me on the bed. Assumed the shy glance, I have to be n used and sat beside me. put his arm around my shoulder and I took it. " I'm sorry. You're right it's not true. " " Do not tell me ! " " Look, there's somethingI tell you. I never told you because I , which I hate. But I can see what you do, so I think you should know. " " What are you talking about? I do not hate you. " " Well, I'm glad. " - He paused for a moment and looked down. I met him, , and looked at me again. " Well, what do you say? " " I love you, Anne. "N " I love you too. " " No, I mean, I love you. " I laughed nervously. " I know, but... " " No... They do not. " He stood up and began pacing the room. " Ana, I love you. Not like a sister. I mean, like a sister, but more. I think of us... You... I think I'll be with you. " I had no idea what he said. The truth is that I have, I could not believe, 'she said. " What are you talking about? " " It was Stacey I occupy today. That was you. I think that all the time. " She went to her closet and pulled out a pile of clothes. They were mine All! Bras and underwear and shirts, and threw thand floor in front of me. I bent down and began his rifle through the clothes. " Where'd you get this? I've been looking for this for a long time. " N " I took it from you. I'm sorry. " " Why, it who the hell you want with... I want my clothes? " And then I realized. Everything he had said hit me like a ton bricks. My brother loves me! My own brother. I started with nausea. I I saw was nothing but a bikini and I began to feel self-conscious. I wrapped my arms tightly around me and I legs. "How long... have... Did you know... " " A few years ago. " I do not know what to do. I began to feel sick, and I got up and ran out of the room. I ran to my room and shut the door. My head was spinning and I felt like I wanted to vomit. My own brother! The idea turned my stomach. How could this happen. He was obsessed with to the point Preteen Models Nn that steals my clothes. What should I do? that s been watching today. I wondered if he was watching me more. What he was doing. I figured I could have done, and my skin began to crawl. Stacey was right, but he is a monster. I lay on my bed for hours with the thoughts of my brother that I the head. I heard it from moving around the Preteen Models Nn apartment, and I did wrong. I knew, was not with him never be again. I wondered if my sister knew all it. I wanted to call it, but what the hell was I to say? I began to tire of. I closed my eyes Preteen Models Nn and tried to forget everything that. I wish I could go back in time and just avoid all this. I stomach was a huge knot, as the day's events ran through my head. E n begun to focus Stacey and my brother. I could see his hand pumping his cock s his cum soaking her. I asked if he thought of me. I recalls the way I looked in his room. His piercing dark blue eyes for me. I realized how upset he was by the whole thing was still my brother. I did not want to hate it. I did not want to hate me. I decided to go talk to him. I got out of bed and went to his room. I could not hear anything inside, opened the door. The room was dark, but I could see how you sleep at the bed. I went and sat on the edge of the bed. I saw sleep. She looked so innocent. I smoothed his hair back, and hectic. I wanted to mourn when I think how hard it must be thinking n him. I mean, I'm sure it was not for these issues. Not that we choose who we love. I'm sure he does not love to wake up one morning and decide, in love with me. I can not imagine love with someone, so time and not able to say something to someone. How could this happen? I wanted to wake him and tell him that was fine. I wanted to hug tell him that he was not crazy. I stood up, pulled the blanket and stood beside her. I pressed me back and my arms around him and hugged him hand. He fits me, and then sat down again. hisThe skin was hot, Preteen Models Nn and my body felt comfortable curled contest in the back strong. " Ana, what are you doing? " " I do not know. " He turned to me in the face and sat down. He looked into my eyes, since n I looked up and down. " You're still in shorts. " " Oh... yeah... I 've never changed. " "Look, sorry. Forget I said. I do not want you to hate me. I could not stand it. 'll talk to someone... "n " I do not hate you. sorry, I am the way we acted. not your fault. I love. in the same way, but you're my little brother, and I can I hate you. " fought for something to say. "I feel the clothes and things.... I will return " "OK, you can keep them. I do not want that stuff anyway. " He smiled and n to bed. I rested my head on his chest, and he played with my hair. I put my leg over his knee and touched the stiff cock. Oh, my God, what have I done ? I know he would not be for me, but this must a torture for him. I could not believe it could be so ruthless. How could he do this to him ? Quickly away from him n and sat down. I think we both know the reason. " Uh... sorry. I just wanted to know that no, I hate you. I s go back to my room. " " No, please only contact me to stay. I know that not always, I mean, I ever... I just want to come. "n " I really do not think is the best idea right now. " \\ \\ n " I will put some clothes. Stay. " n "does not want you to get the clothes. I mean, I... uh, I gotta go. " " Yes , okay, you're probably right. " fell back and turned away from me. I took my legs from the bed and sat down. I really do not want to go. It could keep me. I looked, and turned his eyes off me. " I can ask you a question ? " " Sure. " " Today, you and Stacey... " n He eyes and sighed. "I was surprised. I did not want, but it happened before I could Stop. " N ' d thatidn't like ? " " Well, yes, I mean, it felt really good, but I like it. " " Have you ever done that? " " What do you mean ? " " I mean... Have you ever you know.. With each " looked down again. " No. " " Why not ? " " I do not know. Not that I have girls lined up outside my door. " " This is stupid. You're a nice guy could be a girl. " " Not all girls. " " Now... uh... if you know what I mean. " " Yes " We stayed for a few minutes of silence. I do not know what came over me, but I up and opened the bikini top and left in the ground. I turned to to deal with my brother. I slowly slid down on my floor on my knees, around the ankles and left them. None of us spoke as I slid again under the blanket and curled up next to my brother. I felt like the cock pressing against my belly. He felt hot and shrugged, as soon as he touched my ​​skin. I approached him. " I think I could have any girl. " We looked at eachs. I felt his hand reach out and the rest on my page n. I held my breath as I played for the first time I feel, his hands trembled as he slowly slid on my hip and side. "Are you sure you want to do this. " " No, but I'm sure that I love. I want to be part of your life. I to talk to you. If this is the only way, then I guess I 'm okay with to n. on the other hand, I think I can be a little jealous of Stacey. was closer to , than it ever was. " \\ \\ n "is not necessary to do this. I love you no matter what. " n "I know, and I love you too. I want to do this. " I was attracted to him Preteen Models Nn and our lips met for the first time kissed n me gently, and split lips with his tongue. I felt dizzy, as we kissed. I became alert your throbbing cock pressing against my belly. I wrapped my hand carefully around him. My brother took a deep breath, held my hand as a contact with him. He was even bigger than it looked. Gently began to move my hand up and down his shaft. Her hips began to change, and kissed me harder. I refused. " Slow down. " I whispered. " Take your time and relax. Just go slow. " nodded apologetically. "Okay, I just want to enjoy this. " took both hands and put the two. I positioned myself so I was sitting between her legs. I wrapped my legs around him, and set hands on my body. I went to every part of me. His cock n joined us, and struck with fury. The bright pink head with the liquid. His hands began to concentrate on their own about my move body. He caressed my breasts, caressing and squeezing my carefully stiff nipples. My pussy was wet when I surrendered to the situation unfolds before me. I was leaning over me and started kissing again. His hands were caressing my tits, and started kissing and biting her neck. I quickly grabbed his penis with both hands and began to lubricate his sticky up or down. It was absolutely gushing with fluids, and slid his hands slightly above and below is lengª. I started to move faster, and it began shit my hands. I could feel it begin to swell, and I knew it was going as cum soon. I pulled back my confidence and began to stroke his cock as fast as I can with one hand while leaving the other hand caresses his testicles. " Stacey is better and gave me a lot today. " groaned aloud, and soon got what I wanted. The first current vaccine right in the air and fell on my legs. I've never seen anyone cum s so much in my life. It took at least one full minute, enjoying both of us in their semen. " That was amazing! Is it always so? " nodded. My pussy aced be touched, so I grabbed his hand and placed it between my legs. He guided me gently with your fingers in a circle on my throbbing clit. I moaned as her fingers danced over my pussy. It was not long until I met my my ​​first orgasm. I resisted my hips against his fingers probing until I. that had to taste his cock. He quickly stepped back and pushed me down. I lickedup and down, savoring the taste of it. I could barely fit all this in my mouth, as it began to grow to full size again. in Preteen Models Nn s no time, which pumps up and face down the shaft of the cock of my brother, as I suddenly felt like grab me and pull me up. I knew what I wanted, I turned around and put the pussy on his face. It took a few minutes n him to find his "groove", but eventually found it and ate my pussy a another glorious orgasm. Soon after, his cock exploded in my mouth, Send felt liters of hot cum down my throat. I feel inside me. Before the tail had the opportunity to get soft, I I slid on top of it. He held to the extent that s almost painful. Soon easily slid in and out of me. We took to n what seemed like hours, rocking my body with so many orgasms I lost count. It was late when we fell asleep. When I woke up with my brother the next morning, and felt his hard cock on myDonkey, and his strong arms hold me tight, only the n I regret is that we can not do this before.
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